Grief Part One

None of us live forever which makes the unimaginable task of saying goodbye and having to deal with indescribable heavy burden of the grief unavoidable. Grief can be like a bad smell that just follows you around, the feeling of realization that you have to continue on without them, find a way to fix your broken heart and fill that big hole that has been left. It can consume you, leaving you feeling raw, empty and hurting – your head hurts from thinking, eyes sore from crying, your nose is red from running, ears are burning from listening, your heart is broken, shoulders are sore from carrying the load and your feet get sore from all the running away…
In the moment, it feels like it is going to hurt this much forever…. They say time helps to heal things, which is almost bittersweet when all you want is more of it, time for another hug, another chat, time together. What grief needs to teach us is that none of us live forever… Cherish those that you have with you now and the memories of those who have passed even more. Forget the little fights that we have, remember more the good times we have shared and create more of them while we can.

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