Surround yourself with awesomeness

Have you ever wondered what draws you to certain people? The small details that radiate from one person that make you gravitate towards them? Someone’s laugh or the odd way they stand? A sunny smile that warms your soul? It could be something subtle and discreet or another thing more obvious. Whatever it is, you are drawn in like a bee to honey, a connection is made and a friendship is formed. I met one of my friends, within minutes of meeting her someone asked us how long we had known each other. We both replied “We met just now” to their surprise. They said we looked as if we had known each other much longer. With the right person, it can be that simple and quick.

If you were to walk into a room full of strangers, who would you end up talking to? The quiet and shy one who sits quietly in the corner? The tall proud peacock who puffs itself out or the funny guy who makes everyone laugh? All of our friends we have now were once strangers so we have all been drawn in by those special things that has made us think, “I want to talk to you”

My friend Denae is one of those people that you are instantly drawn to. Her infectious smile, bubbly personality and amazing outlook on life just pull you in and it is hard to meet her and not think “Man you are awesome”. We both had our babies at around the same time but while I struggle to run 100 metres without collapsing, Denae has competed not once but twice internationality at the CrossFit games (coming in the top 25 I must also say). This year she got the title of ‘2015 World’s fittest mum’. Just thinking of all she does makes me feel tired (and slightly unfit) but inspired at the same time. People like Denae are awesome. They are great motivation. Their relentless energy and determination to do better becomes contagious and infects us too, urging us to strive for more.

Friendships provide us with many things: motivation, inspiration, support and  companionship. Our friends become one of the pillars in our lives that help holds us up. Whether it is a friend that you see everyday or one that you speak to one every five years, it doesn’t matter. In times of need it is going to be your best friend that you call, regardless of the distance between you or the months that have passed since your last chat.

Real friends, the awesome ones, are the ones that are like family. In the absence of family, your friends can become the next closest thing to fill that gap. Jess C. Scott  said “Friends are the family you choose”  although some of us can be lucky enough to find friendships within our family too.

Through my journeys I have forged friendships with awesome friends dotted around the world. Friends who run their own businesses, produce their own music videos, win car rallies, run sport clubs etc but it is not their accomplishments that makes them awesome, it is their attitudes. They say if you want to do awesome things then surround your self with awesome people and why wouldn’t you? Life is too short to be anything less than awesome.


Image provided by Denae Brown

To learn more about Denae Brown visit her website:

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